I'm trying to record video segments transcoded by livepeer, using their functionality "objectStore".


I'm getting the following errors: Error saving segment err="NotImplementedA header you provided implies functionality that is not implemented. Here's the code used to make the POST request: ``` newfileUploadRequest(ctx context.Context, uri string, params map[string]string, fData io.Reader, fileName string, timeout time.Duration) (*http.Request, context.CancelFunc, error) { clog.Infof(ctx, "Posting data to %s (params %+v)", uri, params) body := &bytes.Buffer{} writer := multipart.NewWriter(body) for key, val := range params { err := writer.WriteField(key, val) if err != nil { clog.Errorf(ctx, "err=%q", err) } } part, err := writer.CreateFormFile("file", fileName) if err != nil { return nil, nil, err } _, err = io.Copy(part, fData) err = writer.Close() if err != nil { return nil, nil, err } if timeout == 0 { timeout = saveTimeout } ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), timeout) req, err := http.NewRequestWithContext(ctx, "POST", uri, body) if err != nil { cancel() return nil, nil, err } req.Header.Set("Content-Type", writer.FormDataContentType()) return req, cancel, err } ``` it seems to be a standard multipart form upload, is it this functionality that you do not support ?

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Needs to use PutObject. We don’t support POST yet