How secure is Filebase by default?


I’ve read a lot about AWS S3 Buckets leaking data - How secure is Filebase by default?

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Data stored on Filebase is always encrypted during transit and when the data is at rest. Server side encryption is native and by default enabled for all users. Since Filebase supports decentralized networks powered by blockchain, objects are stored in small chunks across multiple nodes around the world. No node ever has complete access to an entire object or unencrypted data.

In an effort to further simplify security and access control, objects on the Filebase platform inherit the ACL of the parent bucket. For example, the GetObjectAcl and GetBucketAcl methods will function as expected, but the GetObjectAcl response will return the ACL of the bucket that the object is contained in.

The Filebase S3-compatible API supports HTTP/2 (which requires TLS) and data encryption at rest. Data encryption at rest is enabled by default without any additional action required by the user.